Honor’s with new smartphone Honor BFF, new operating system and customized voice setting

Looks like Honor’s here with a new smartphone. If you visit Honor’s US website, you would notice a new ‘Honor BFF’ smartphone listed. So, the idea behind the smartphone is that it is a personalized smartphone, with a new operating system and customized voice setting. Another highlight of this smartphone is that it gives you “motivation when you need it” and is always on to comfort you, and hence it’s a BFF phone. But, Honor wants you to return to the page on April 1 to find out more details about the device. Needless to point out that it could be an obvious setup for April Fools’ Day.

Honor BFF
Honor describes the phone saying, “the new Honor BFF is like nothing you have ever experienced – a phone that can be your best friend for life.” The Honor BFF pulls you up when you are down, and says the words of motivation just when you need them. “The Honor BFF combines intelligent sensors and machine learning to recognize and remind you of your individual value to the world.”

As opposed to the always-on display which many Android phones feature now, the Honor BFF comes with ‘Always-on affirmation’, which is a result of a breakthrough Honor BFF operating system that recognizes your state of mind and health, and accordingly offers always-on affirmation to get you through the day.

Then there is the Motivation feature for your physical, mental and emotional health. With its deeply integrated technology, Honor BFF is able to understand you better than you know yourself, to propel you beyond your personal best.

And probably the best feature of all is the Customized Voice Settings. Honor claims, that the BFF smartphone can be “customized with a personalized voice.” You can choose from a series of voice options and add your own personal touch to them by adding words like “sweetie”, “bro”, “you do you, boo” and others.

Isn’t that one ‘smart’ smartphone? Well these BFF features the fact that the smartphone is powered by “U-DaBEST” only re-affirms that fact that this may be an early April Fools’ Day prank!


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